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Our team has the desire to make a society which the design and the building are integrate in the same reality. High-Tech beauty and elegance is what we do better. In our vessels are apply new technologies designs and state-of-the-art ideas, we find the best naval and mechanical solution for the job that the vessel is design to. Our products cover all the naval industrial branches and they can be used for every kind of job. Our business is in tiny-medium vehicles, called “for working”. Our team is completed by the support of the distinguished research centers, engineering and captains, that thanks to our experience and professionalism they allow the perfection of a project in every point of view. We endorse the advanced naval software to personalize our projects for every customer needs, building unique vessel in their kind.





Our role is to:

  • Preparation of the technical contractual characteristic
  • Identify the best components and integrated system
  • Estimated construction cost of the project
  • Supply Logistics
  • Planning of the construction unit
  • Basic design and executive
  • Evaluation of the logistics of the construction and delivery times
  • Identify new suppliers and new producers
  • Dealing with the Technical Office
  • Monitoring the various stages of construction
  • Development of product marketing around the world
  • Creating new job opportunities with business partners
  • Contract and Financial Analysis
Our team aims to propose in the international business the old brand of the ”Shipyard made in Italy” with the ambition to see soon our name place side by side to the great European leaders.